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Nov-Dec 1997  Board Member Self-Assessment* Swanson, Andrew 
Jan-Feb 1996  Rule Requires Board Members to be Expert Investors Bolton, Percy & Arthur Bolton 
Mar-Apr 1996  Boards Can't Go It Alone: Forging Partnership* Eadie, Douglas 
May-Jun 1996  19th Century Boards in 21st Century World David Neidert 
Jul-Aug 1996  Safeguarding Your Assets--A Board's Obligation* Swanson, Andrew 
Sep-Oct 1996  Building Your Nonprofit Dream Team Weisman, Carol 
Nov-Dec 1996  If It's Not in Minutes, Did It Happen? Hodgkin, Christopher 
Nov-Dec 1996  What Does Feedback Have to Do with Governance? Young, Dennis 
Jan-Feb 1995  Why You Need a Prenuptial Agreement Weisman, Carol 
Mar-Apr 1995  How to Keep Your Board Happy & Productive Weisman, Carol 

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