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May-Jun 2006

For Best Results, Mix Well Before Use

Brand, Tom

To reach donors, fundraisers must integrate a variety of media. CD-ROMs are a cost-effective way to do so.

Jul-Aug 2006

Nonprofits & Funders: Two Sides of the Same Coin?*

Cruickshank, Joseph

Here are four ways funders and nonprofits can learn to speak the same language.

Sep-Oct 2006

Confronting the Unethical Boss

Harrison, Bill

What should you do if you suspect unethical fundraising tactics?

Sep-Oct 2006

How to Captivate Donors' Hearts*

Diamond, William

A celebrated nonprofit shares three secrets to success.

Nov-Dec 2006

The New Work of Foundations: How You Can Benefit


Here's what foundation leaders have to say.

Mar-Apr 2005

How to Obtain More Bequests

Schoenhals, G. Roger

May-Jun 2005

Fundraising for 44 Cents

Levinson, Nick

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