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Nonprofit World Articles: Board of Directors

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May-Jun 1998  Seven Creative Ways to Energize Your Board* Michalko, Michael 
Jul-Aug 1998  Should Board Members Set their Own Wages?* Canning, Barbara Condit 
Jul-Aug 1998  Encouraging Visionary Board Leadership* Martinelli, Frank 
Sep-Oct 1998  How Can You Eliminate Dead Weight on the Board?* Weisman, Carol 
Nov-Dec 1998  Keys to Keep Your Board on Track Altstadter, Eric 
Mar-Apr 1997  How Well Does Your Board Communicate? Lauer, Larry 
May-Jun 1997  Improving Boards: What Works & What Doesn't? Brudney and Murray 
Jul-Aug 1997  Will Reimbursing Board Members Risk Tax-Exempt Status?* Katen, Hal 
Jul-Aug 1997  Evaluating the Top Administrator: A New Approach* Temkin, Terrie 
Sep-Oct 1997  What Is Board Role in Managing Risk?* Curry, Tim 

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