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Nonprofit World Articles: Fundraising

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Nov-Dec 2003  Improve Your Writing to Raise More Funds Schmidt, Laverne 
Jan-Feb 2002  Make It Simple to Give* Hodiak, Diane 
Jan-Feb 2002  Making Donations by Credit Card --- 
Mar-Apr 2002  NPs Must Take Lead in Business Alliances Mullen, Jennifer 
Mar-Apr 2002  Do You Need to Give Up Direct-Mail Fundraising? --- 
May-Jun 2002  Courting Female Philanthropists Makes Good Financial Sense Connor, Anne M. 
Jul-Aug 2002  Hiring in a Competitive Market Harrison, Bill 
Jul-Aug 2002  Taming the Beast: Four Keys to Creating that Special Event Major, Mimi 
Sep-Oct 2002  Fundraising Foundation: What Are They, & How Are Nonprofits Using Them? Fram, Eugene H. 
Sep-Oct 2002  Fear of Fundraising Marquardsen, Ebbe 

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