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Jan-Feb 2007

How to Target Corporations to Diversify Your Funding Mix*

Gurbach, David L.

Do you need to retool your funding strategy? If corporations aren't part of your plan, the answer is yes.

Mar-Apr 2007

Be Nice, Even When They Say No*

Swanson, Robert G.

Are you following the fourth rule of fundraising?

May-Jun 2007

Do You Have a Policy for Real-Estate Gifts?

Solender, Eliza

If not, it's time to create one. Here's a sample to follow.

Jul-Aug 2007

A Zeal for Endowment

McAfee, Melinda

How to build an endowment for your organization

Sep-Oct 2007

Beyond Common Sense: Proven Tactics for Direct-Mail Fundraising

Keller, Thomas K

Use these 20 techniques to reap more and bigger donations through the mail

Nov-Dec 2007

Is It Better Not to Mail in the Summer?

Warwick, Mal

If you don?t receive many donations during the summer, should you still mail fundraising requests during those months?

Nov-Dec 2007

Charitable Trusts: Focusing on Those Most Likely to Give*

Bush, Natalie & David Lawson

Boost contributions with this multi-dimensional approach to identifying donors.

Jan-Feb 2006

Rethinking Development in the Nonprofit Sector

Bugamin, Susan

If you rely on a grantwriter, it may be time to change your strategy.

Mar-Apr 2006

Reducing Donor Fatigue Syndrome

Barnes, Martha

A survey offers insights into donors? feelings.

Mar-Apr 2006

How You Can Benefit from Often Overlooked Economic Development Initiatives

Hilpert, Mark

Are you taking advantage of the many unclaimed tax breaks and other incentives available to nonprofits?

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