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Sep-Oct 1991  Your Best Marketing Tool: Your Computer Lant, Jeffrey 
Nov-Dec 1991  Nonprofits' Most Common Computer Pitfalls Cohen, J. & R. Perreault 
Nov-Dec 1991  Adventures in Dysfunctional Computerland Smith, Mimi 
Mar-Apr 1990  How to Find Free & Low-Cost Software Lant, Jeffrey 
Mar-Apr 1990  Streamlining Nonprofits Through Affordable Computer Resource --- 
Jul-Aug 1990  Information Management: For-Profits Share Birnbaum, Stanley 
Jan-Feb 1989  Too Precious to Lose: Backing Up Your Data Archibald, Dale 
Mar-Apr 1989  Too Precious to Lose: Guarding Against Static Archibald, Dale 
May-Jun 1989  Linking Resources to Fight Hunger & Homelessness --- 
Nov-Dec 1989  How to Avoid Desktop Disappointment Lant, Jeffrey 

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