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Mar-Apr 1999  Conflict of Interest in the Board Room Fram, Eugene & Judy Withers 
May-Jun 1999  Board Member or Bored Member? How Do You Rate? Robertson, Brian 
Jul-Aug 1999  You Say "Trustee," I Say "Director" Muehrcke, Jill 
Sep-Oct 1999  Exit Interview: Entrepreneurial Tool for Board Improvement Dosamantes, David 
Sep-Oct 1999  Where Can You Find Good Board Members? Weisman, Carol 
Nov-Dec 1999  New Take on Good Idea: Board Retreats* Hughes, Sandra 
Nov-Dec 1999  Is It OK for Board Members to Vote by Proxy? Weisman, Carol 
Jan-Feb 1998  Wanted: Board Statistics & Models Abzug, Rikki 
Jan-Feb 1998  The Board's Very Own Peter Principle Carver, Miriam 
Mar-Apr 1998  Board Members Beware! Warning Signs of Dysfunctional Org.* Wagner, Lilya & Mark Hager 

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