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Jul-Aug 1986  Situation Analysis for Nonprofit Marketing Planning Johnson, Eugene 
Jul-Aug 1986  Getting Your Story into Print Pietzner, Cornelius 
Sep-Oct 1986  Developing a Marketing Plan for a Nonprofit Organization Johnson, Eugene 
Sep-Oct 1986  Advertising Your Organization Pietzner, Cornelius 
Nov-Dec 1986  Getting Your Message on the Air Pietzner, Cornelius 
Jan-Feb 1985  How to Plan a Marketing Research Project Dickson, J. & S. 
Mar-Apr 1985  Collecting Market Research Data Dickson, J. & S. 
May-Jun 1985  How to Conduct a Marketing Research Project Dickson, J. & S. 
May-Jun 1985  Astute Pricing for Nonprofits Fox, Harold 
Jul-Aug 1985  Strategic Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations Lancome, Claude 

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