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Nonprofit World Articles: Fundraising

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Jan-Feb 2005  A Revolutionary Fundraising Opportunity - Life Settlements Fullerton, Jolene 
Mar-Apr 2005  How to Obtain More Bequests Schoenhals, G. Roger 
May-Jun 2005  Fundraising for 44 Cents Levinson, Nick 
Jul-Aug 2005  How to Send Less Mail and Increase Results Brewer, Randy 
Jul-Aug 2005  Is 9/11 to Blame?* Warwick, Mal 
Jul-Aug 2005  How to Increase Donations from Local Businesses Cockerham, Christina 
Sep-Oct 2005  Using Multi-Generational Marketing to Target Donors Williams, George 
Nov-Dec 2005  How Can You Reactivate Lapsed Donors?* Warwick, Mal 
Nov-Dec 2005  Tax Reporting for Gifts of Annuities Ashton, Debra 
Nov-Dec 2005  Planned Giving Tips for Every Organization Henze, Lawrence 

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