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Jan-Feb 2009

How Much Detail Is Needed in a Thank-You Letter?

Warwick, Mal

When you acknowledge donors, how much information should you include?

Nov-Dec 2008

Recession-Ready Fundraising

Robinson Keeys, Anisha

Follow these strategies to survive hard times.

Sep-Oct 2008

Make Holiday Magic with Your Direct Mail*

Gaillard, Ted

Use these tips for the holiday season and throughout the year.

Jul-Aug 2008

Deeper Donor Relationships = Increased Contributions

Riley, David

Database technology is vital in donor relations

May-Jun 2008

Modeling and Profiling: Two Tools to Win Higher Response

Houke, Amy

Unlock vital data about potential donors with these tactics.

Mar-Apr 2008

How to Energize Your Thank-You Letter*

Rees, Sandy

The thank-you letter should be your first step toward gaining your next gift. Here are 10 ideas to vitalize it.

Mar-Apr 2008

Is It OK to Design Unique Stationery for Holiday Fundraising?*

Warwick, Mal

Which will gain a better result - a letter on special or standard stationery?

Jan-Feb 2008

33 Top Tips for Building Donor Bonds*


Here's how to create an unbreakable network of support.

Nov-Dec 2007

Charitable Trusts: Focusing on Those Most Likely to Give*

Bush, Natalie & David Lawson

Boost contributions with this multi-dimensional approach to identifying donors.

Nov-Dec 2007

Is It Better Not to Mail in the Summer?

Warwick, Mal

If you don?t receive many donations during the summer, should you still mail fundraising requests during those months?

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