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Sep-Oct 1990  Listening for Answers: Shaping Programs that Work Quinn, Tom 
Nov-Dec 1990  Toward a Brave New World Eldridge, Tracy 
Jan-Feb 1989  Program Power: Building Effective Programs Van Deusen, John et al. 
Mar-Apr 1989  Consolidation: A Nonprofit Success Story --- 
May-Jun 1989  Linking Resources to Fight Hunger & Homelessness --- 
Jul-Aug 1989  Playing to a Full House in Florida McClory, Robert 
Sep-Oct 1989  Taking Risks, Changing Perceptions: Nonprofits Confront... Quinn, Tom 
Nov-Dec 1989  Teaming Up for Successful Programs Harris, Janet 
Sep-Oct 1985  The Nonprofit Entrepreneur: A Code of Ethics? Wrolstad, Marwin 

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