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Jan-Feb 1986  Tax Considerations: A Review Wrolstad, Marwin 
Mar-Apr 1986  A Silver Lining with a Cloud Wrolstad, Marwin 
Jul-Aug 1986  When Are You "Ready" for Enterprise? Skoot, Edward 
Sep-Oct 1986  Implications of the Fragmentation Rule Hopkins, Bruce 
Sep-Oct 1986  What Form Should Your Venture Take? Skloot, Edward 
Nov-Dec 1986  Eight Steps to a Business Venture Skloot, Edward 
Mar-Apr 1985  Recent Challenges to Nonprofits: Some Questions Conroy, Charles 
May-Jun 1985  Should We Take in Roomers? Wrolstad, Marwin 
Nov-Dec 1985  Nonprofits in Competition with Private Enterprise Gray, A. C. Gregory 
Nov-Dec 1985  Hostile Climate for the Entrepreneur? Wrolstad, Marwin 

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