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Nov-Dec 1999  Coming to Terms with the M Word* Fernsler, Terrence 
Jan-Feb 1998  How to Become a Prosperous Organization* --- 
Mar-Apr 1998  Is Yours an Org. of Past or Future?* --- 
May-Jun 1998  Fundraising Letters for Every Occasion* --- 
Jul-Aug 1998  Secrets of Successful Grantmanship: Guerrilla Guide* --- 
Sep-Oct 1998  Beyond Fundraising* Fernsler, Terrence 
Nov-Dec 1998  Board Member's Guide to Strategic Planning* --- 
Jan-Feb 1997  The Board Development Kit* Linzer, Richard & Annie Hansen 
Mar-Apr 1997  Help I Don't Have Enough Time Guide Volunteer Management* Fernsler, Terrence 
Mar-Apr 1997  On My Way in Planned Giving* Muehrcke, Jill 

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