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Oct-Dec 2023

Marketing & the Myth of "We Need a New Idea"

Slipher, Andy

For better results, drill down to the true need behind the "new idea" myth.

Oct-Dec 2023

Expand Your Reach with Short-Form Videos

Muehrcke, Jill

An expert shares ways to use videos to reach wider audiences.

Jan-Mar 2022

How to Get Your Message Across the Border

Baird, Matt

You'll find a wealth of supporters around the globe. Be sure they get the right message.

Jan-Mar 2022

Well Suited: A Practical Approach to Understanding Personalities

Kimlat, Kostya

Here's a way to get a quick read on people - it works like magic!

Jul-Sep 2022

What Can Your Angry Customers Teach You?

Curcillo, Joe

Instead of seeing complaints as attacks, see what you can learn from them.

Oct-Dec 2022

How to Get the Community to Support Your Nonprofit

Oppelt, Joanne

Don't let your organization be your community's "best-kept secret." Be sure community members take notice and offer support.

Jan-Mar 2021

Not Connecting with All Your Audiences? Maybe You're Not Speaking Their Language

Tramdack Cash, Stephanie

It's vital to understand what motivates people from other cultures.

Apr-Jun 2021

Seven Kinds of Listeners & How to Approach Them

Curcillo, Joe

Appeal to all seven types of listeners to be sure everyone understands your message.

Apr-Jun 2021

Life after the Pivot: Storytelling to Refresh Your Nonprofit Outreach

Hundshamer, Yvonne

In today's shifting landscape, have you found new ways to connect?

Apr-Jun 2020

Going International from the Inside Out: Making the Most of Multicultural Staff

Cross, Martin

Your staff can be a great resource in communicating with other cultures. But be sure to avoid these mistakes.

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