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Apr-Jun 2023

What You Need to Know about Your Finances

Levin, Ed

Safeguard your fiscal future with these guideposts.

Apr-Jun 2023

Is a Performance Audit in Your Future?

Adongo, Oscar

Performance audits tell you much more than the usual audit can.

Oct-Dec 2022

Preventing Embezzlement in Your Organization

Devaney, William H. & Jeffrey S. Tenenbaum

These steps will make it easier to expose dishonest employees.

Jul-Sep 2021

Are You Breeding the Conditions for Fraud to Occur?

Braunstein, Steven M.

Fraud in nonprofits is alarmingly frequent. Avoid it by shaping a fraud-prevention environment.

Jan-Mar 2019

The Biggest Audit Mistakes Nonprofits Make & How to Avoid Them

Gilbert, Mark

The day of an audit is bad enough. Don't add to the headaches by making these errors.

Jan-Mar 2018

Can You Change Bank Signatories?

Kramer, Don

Is it OK for a nonprofit leader to make changes at the bank without the board's approval?

Jul-Sep 2018

What's the Best Way to Avoid Financial Misuse?

Burnham Laverty, Katie

How can a nonprofit minimize the chance of fraud?

Jan-Mar 2017

New Rule Changes the Way You'll Report Financial Information

Fusco, Kim

Get ready to make some changes in the way you prepare your financial statements. Here's a rundown of the new accounting standard.

Apr-Jun 2017

The Bucket System: Managing Your Assets in the Face of Volatility

Aronson, Joel

The key to financial stability lies in this simple system.

Jul-Sep 2017

Do the Benefits of Tax-Exempt Loans Outweigh the Costs?

Calvert, Walter R. & Davis V.R. Sherman

If you're thinking of borrowing money, here's what you need to know.

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