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Jul-Sep 2017  The Key to Leadership: Practice, Practice, Practice Fernsler, Terrence 
Jan-Mar 2016  Developing Your Organizational Team Fernsler, Terrence 
Apr-Jun 2016  Using Marketing to Create Widespread Change Fernsler, Terrence 
Oct-Dec 2016  Use Struggle to Become a Better Leader Fernsler, Terrence 
Jan-Mar 2015  Transformational Leadership Fernsler, Terrence 
Apr-Jun 2015  The Results-Focused Manager Fernsler, Terrence 
Jul-Sep 2015  Using Social Media to Spur Fundraising Fernsler, Terrence 
Oct-Dec 2015  For-Profit Thinking = Nonprofit Success Fernsler, Terrence 
Jan-Mar 2014  Accomplish More with Pro Bono Services: Are You Making the Most of This Valuable Asset?* Fernsler, Terrence 
Jan-Mar 2014  Get More of What You Really Want* Fernsler, Terrence 

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