Location: All US - Nationwide
Mission(s): Other / Not Listed
Salary: $90,000/Yr - to - $150,000/Yr +
Job Type: Full Time
Posted On: Dec 19, 2019

Career Level: Executive (VP/Senior VP/etc)
Nonprofit Experience: Desired / Not Required


The Management Center (TMC) is continuing to grow! We’ve been steadily expanding, and we are seeking an experienced educational equity leader to work with our clients (e.g. school leaders and other educational equity leaders who have managed senior level people in a school system or network of schools).  You will lead coaching engagements and serve as a teacher/coach/trainer/nudge/confidante/advisor/thought-partner to client executives, with the aim of helping them build their teams into high performing organizations that deliver great results.

Ideal candidates won’t be lifelong consultants or necessarily have any consulting experience at all.  Rather, we seek experienced managers who have produced results and who have a passion for teaching other leaders from diverse backgrounds how to do the same.

Who We Are

We view educational equity as much-needed social change, and our mission is to help social change leaders learn how to build and run more effective organizations so they can deliver great results. Founded in 2006, we have helped shape the practices of hundreds of influential organizations and thousands of individual managers, focusing in particular on leading progressive organizations working for social change. Several years ago, we expanded our reach to include the educational equity sector.  This sector development is still in start-up mode as we build our support of superintendents, organizations advocating for more equitable educational policies, school leaders responsible for the children and adults in their buildings, among other leaders in the education space.  Our clients work on issues where they face an inherently uphill battle and so must fight more effectively if they are going to achieve their missions and do their best for children.  We aim to help them by making their organizations as effective as possible.

A great deal of our work involves direct coaching of clients, and we also offer publications and training to the broader field. Along the way, we have built a strong reputation:  on our most recent anonymous survey, 95% of clients said they “Strongly Agree” (the top choice on a 7-point scale) that they would recommend TMC to a friend.  Such positive word-of-mouth has created fairly explosive demand for our services that the new coach will help us meet.

What You’ll Do

Your job will be to instill the management practices that will help your educational equity clients build higher-performing organizations that deliver great results.  You will work with principals, superintendents, executive directors and their senior teams to help them define ambitious goals; manage for execution; implement rigorous “people practices,” including selecting and retaining a diverse team of the best talent and letting go of people who don’t meet a high bar; and build cultures that reinforce a high bar for performance, constant improvement, and values like equity and transparency.

At any given time, you will lead roughly four to six intensive client engagements and several other less intensive relationships.  Your work with clients might include:

  • Observing them in action, diagnosing their needs, and designing the scope of our work with them;
  • Delivering services to clients, including coaching senior executives one-on-one, designing new organization-wide systems, providing advice on challenges of the day, and conducting trainings for senior teams;
  • Serving as the primary point of contact for clients and developing strong working relationships with them;
  • In the friendliest way possible, nagging client leaders to make sure they are following-up on their commitments; and
  • Prioritizing across client needs to ensure we spend our energy wisely.

Beyond your work with clients, you will help build and grow TMC.  This means you will leverage your networks and cultivate strong relationships to identify additional educational equity leaders and organizations that could benefit from TMC’s services.  You also might develop new tools for all of our clients to use, identify better approaches for how we engage with clients, or help us come up with more effective ways to assess our progress.  You will also help shape the organization’s strategic direction, and serve as an external ambassador with key constituents.

You will report to one of our senior coaches, who will measure your success primarily by improvement in your clients’ practices, client satisfaction, revenue generated, and fit with our culture.

Who You Are

To be successful in this job, you will excel in four areas:

  1. Management instincts You will have a demonstrated track record of success in managing a high-performing organization, department, or team, and will therefore bring a deep understanding of what it takes to produce results, instincts for going beyond the “textbook” to get to solutions that will work, and an appreciation for the CEO perspective and what it’s like to be in a senior management role.
  1. Critical thinking skills You will need the smarts to quickly become “fluent” in your clients’ contexts, analyze situations to see beyond the surface of challenges, and effectively customize general practices to fit clients’ particular needs.
  1. Interpersonal ability and a strong lens on issues of racial equity You must be able to build trust and goodwill with clients and demonstrate deep respect for the clients’ work.  You’re the kind of person who thrives on teaching and developing others, while bringing a healthy impatience to see progress. And because our clients and their teams come from a wide range of backgrounds, you can thoughtfully navigate issues related to racial and gender (and other) diversity, equity, and inclusion and bring a deep commitment to advancing these values.
  2. Business development:  You are comfortable pitching TMC services to potential educational equity clients.  You can negotiate pricing and contracts for your coaching services, understanding how to navigate supporting high-priority clients who might need additional assistance.

We are more interested in these four qualities than in any particular type of experience. However, because you will need to be able to relate as a peer to school leaders and other senior leaders in the education sector, you will also presumably bring experience yourself having operated as a principal/building leader or managed senior level people in a school system or network of schools.  We know that there are other types of senior educational equity leaders who may not have run a school, but they could be successful in this role (e.g. Chief Operating Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Managing Directors of Program).  Please apply!

Finally, you need to fit well with our culture, which we like to think combines excellence with heart (and a keen sense of humor helps).

What Else You Should Know

Our coaching roles comes in two varieties – a more junior position (Vice President) and a more senior position (Partner), with the difference between the two being the executive experience you bring and the type of clients with whom you work.

Our most urgent current need, given our current client demand and staff makeup, is for a Partner-level coach based anywhere in the United States.

This position is full-time and requires moderate travel 1 – 4 days per month).

The full-time salary range for VP roles is between $91,800 to $128,520, and between $122,400 to $166,400 for Partners, with exact salary depending on experience and new staff rarely starting at the top of the range.

We also offer excellent benefits, including an additional 5% employer contribution to your retirement fund with no match required.

We are an equal opportunity employer, are committed to racial equity and social justice, and we make a particular effort to recruit people of color to apply for open positions. 

What Now?

If this seems like you, please complete an application!

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