Location: District of Columbia-Washington/Metro
Mission(s): Other / Not Listed
Salary: Not Available
Job Type: Consultant/Contract
Posted On: Jan 22, 2018

Education: Bachelor's Degree
Career Level: Management (Manager/Director/Supervisor)
Nonprofit Experience: 2-10 Yrs

January 1, 2018
Request for Proposal for an Executive Director for the
National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA)

I. Introduction
The National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA), a professional trade organization whose mission it is to support the advancement of architects-of-color within the profession, seeks a consultant or managing company to serve as “Executive Director”. The selected individual will be committed to working toward the goals and objectives of the organization, and is willing to facilitate coordination of a diverse group of volunteers who comprise NOMA’s Board of Directors. The National Organization of Minority Architects has been organized to:
- Foster communications and fellowship among minority architects;
- Form a federation of existing and proposed local minority architectural groups;
- Fight Discrimination and other selection policies being used by public and private sector clients to unfairly restrict minority architects' participation in design and construction;
- Act as a clearing house for information and maintain a roster on practitioners;
- Promote the design and development of living, working, and recreational environments of the highest quality;
- Create and maintain relationships with other professionals and technicians whose work affects the physical and social environment;
- Encourage the establishment of coalitions of member firms and individuals to form associate and joint venture relationships;
- Speak with a common voice on public policy;
- Work with local, state, and national governments on issues affecting the physical development of neighborhoods and communities;
- Be an effective source of motivation and inspiration for minority youth.
II. Scope of Services – Role
NOMA is seeking an Executive Director to manage and oversee the national organization and provide support for local chapters.
A. Management and Administration
B. Operational Management
C. Professional/Community Relations
D. Fiscal Leadership
III. Services to be provided by the Executive Director
Contract duration: Services shall begin upon signing during the 1st quarter of 2018 and end on December 31, 2021. The contract is subject to 3 year renewal.
A. Management and Administration
1) Develop organizational goals and objectives consistent with the mission and vision of NOMA ensuring alignment with the mission and vision of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors.
2) Work with the President of NOMA, 1st Vice President and Secretary to develop meeting agendas for the Board to fulfill responsibilities.
3) Develop an annual calendar to include critical issues in a timely manner. Identifies key issues for Board deliberations.
4) Work with NOMA Secretary to oversee administration of Board meetings and actions. Provide materials to facilitate Board analysis of issues and decision making.
5) Track recommended board actions and maintain a reporting process to the Board.
6) Keep the Board members informed on factors impacting NOMA.
7) Work with the President of NOMA for effective and efficient Board, committee and program delivery.
8) Oversee programs, services and activities.
9) Organize and attend Board and leadership meetings.
B. Operational Management
1) Provide the primary point of contact for NOMA (phone, email, fax, written business communications), ensuring timely communication to members and constituents.
2) Provide assistance and support to volunteer leaders, standing and ad hoc committees.
3) Establish office services to support operations of the organization.
4) Coordinate, prepare and disseminate information for meetings and educational sessions. Of primary concern is the support required for the NOMA annual meeting in the preparation and monitoring of activities to ensure a smooth annual event for NOMA members.
5) Coordinate activities associated with educational webinars
6) Work with leaders and venders to produce the NOMA electronic newsletter, NOMA conference/workshop/special activity brochures and ongoing email communications.
7) Maintain database of NOMA members, vendor partners, and educational institutions.
8) Provide content updates for NOMA website.
9) Maintain official records of NOMA and provide storage as for archives.
10) Demonstrate substantive knowledge of NOMA’s programs and services.
11) Coordinate annual meeting site locations
12) Maintain and administer operational policies and procedures.
13) Oversee business development.
14) Provide information for evaluation of the organization’s activities.
15) Develop survey tools and administer the surveys to obtain input from membership as needed.
16) Perform other duties as directed by the NOMA Board.
C. Professional/Community Relationships
1) Work with the NOMA Board to identify, establish and maintain liaison with professional organizations, community groups, government agencies and vendors important to the development and growth of NOMA.
2) Act as primary liaison with various professional agencies and community organizations.
3) Serve as the primary contact person for the NOMA Board.
D. Fiscal Leadership
1) Lead the organization’s achievement of its mission and financial objectives.
2) Work with Financial Committee, Treasurer and NOMA Board in developing an annual budget, and make financial decisions consistent with the budget as approved by the Board.
3) Provide regular internal financial statements to the Board that compares performance to budget and to the previous year or other benchmarks.
4) Plan for adequate cash flow to cover operational needs.
5) Conduct the financial affairs of NOMA in accordance with policies and guidelines established by the Board.
6) Guide revenue-generating activities to provide income to the organization.
7) Submit for approval and process payment of all approved expenditures.
8) Provide for fiscal record keeping and reporting.
All of the foregoing duties, and any other duties that may be assigned, shall be performed to the satisfaction of the NOMA President, President-elect and the NOMA Board of Directors, and in conformity with all laws, rules, and regulations applicable to NOMA.
Any additional staffing needs will be provided within the terms of the selected contract.
IV. Proposal Requirements
A. Scope of Service
The respondent for Executive Director shall provide a clear, concise response to the scope of service requirements set forth above.
B. Disclosure
The respondent for Executive Director will disclose any professional or financial interest in representing NOMA.
C. Proposal Submission

For More Information, Visit: noma.net

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