Board Governance

Building Passion for Mission with Carol Weisman

Of all the challenges facing a nonprofit, managing the board can certainly be…


Connecting With Your Clients And Community with Karen Fox

Marketing. It’s a common enough word in business. It’s not always…

Mission-Based Management

More Mission For Your Money with Peter Brinckerhoff

The question is: can traditional business techniques be used effectively by nonprofits?…

Resource Development

Involvement and Investment with Jimmie Alford

Never has the need for resources in the nonprofit sector been as great as…

Social Entrepreneurship

Financially Empowering Your Organization Jerr Boschee

“This is the most evil thing I’ve ever heard.”

That was some years ago. Today,…

Strategic Alliances

Enhancing Your Effectiveness with David Campbell and Richard Jones

A new avenue of success is being pursued by many nonprofits…

Strategic Planning

Charting Your Course for Success with Frank Martinelli

Face it. Strategic planning can be one tough subject. As important as…

Volunteer Management

Attracting And Keeping The Best with Susan Ellis

The focus of this program deals with how nonprofit organizations build and…

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