Governance Edge (20% Discount)

Purchase any of the following four Doug Eadie books from Governance Edge Publishing at a 20 percent discount – no limit on quantity – by going to and putting in the discount code SNPO.

The Board-Savvy CEO provides readers with detailed, practical guidance in building the kind of close, positive, and productive board-CEO partnership that is essential for organizational stability and growth. You’ll learn how to strengthen your board’s governing capacity, transform board members into satisfied owners of their governing work, and maintain a healthy board-CEO working relationship.

Leading Out-of-the-Box Change describes the leadership role of the nonprofit and public chief executive officer as her organization’s Innovator-in-Chief, who spearheads the change process by playing three critical roles: Chief Process Designer; Chief Motivator; and Chief Enabler. Author Doug Eadie also lays out the key elements of ae powerful new change planning tool: the Change Investment Portfolio Process.

Building a Rock-Solid Partnership With Your Board focuses on management of the human dimension of the board-CEO partnership. Five keys for keeping this precious, high-stakes partnership healthy are described in detail, including bringing the right mindset to the governing arena, making the board chair a close ally, turning board members into strong owners of their governing work, and making the board’s governing work more interesting and enjoyable.

Meeting the Governing Challenge describes the five key elements of author Doug Eadie’s High-Impact Governing Model – a powerful tool for developing the kind of board leadership and board-CEO partnership that nonprofit and public organizations need to carry out their missions successfully and to thrive and grow over the long run. Special attention is paid to meaningful board involvement in decision making.


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