Date: March 12th
Time: 12-12:45pm ET

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Chris Fello
Tim Maloney

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People + Nonprofit Technology, in that order

As a nonprofit leader whose main responsibilities perhaps do not include day-to-day management of the technology program, this webinar is for you. The most successful nonprofits leverage technology as a core tenet of their overall strategy, and when implemented and managed properly, can deliver results that actually deliver growth and competitive advantage. Innovative Solutions is an organization that supports nonprofits of all sizes as an objective partner to identify ways that technology can provide this competitive advantage. This talk will provide Executive Directors and other nonprofit leaders with actionable advice to improve your organization both strategically and tactically.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore why non-technical leaders should care about the cloud
  • Gain understanding on why nonprofits are adopting a cloud-first strategy
  • Discover how nonprofits are seeing growth through a well-architected technology strategy
  • Examine how digital transformation is more than a buzzword

Course Format

This course will be conducted live via a combination of online and phone conferencing (i.e., "webinar"). The online conference will include a PowerPoint presentation and text chat capabilities. Participants will have opportunities to ask questions and interact with the presenter(s) and other participants via chat and teleconference.

We encourage all participants to bring other colleagues and co-workers to this training. There is no additional fee for multiple participants at the same location, as long as all individuals share the same phone and computer connection.

Note: A recording of this presentation will be available at no cost for Society members only.

About the Presenter(s)

Chris Fello, Account Executive
Innovative Solutions

Chris has been helping small to midsized nonprofit's make the best possible technology decisions for over 5 years during his tenure with Innovative Solutions. What he enjoys most is acting as an objective partner to nonprofits who, without a great strategy and technology partner at their side, may not be fully aligned to fulfilling their mission.

Tim Maloney, Consultant
Innovative Solutions

Tim currently leads over a dozen nonprofits technology strategy to ensure the reliability, security, performance, and mobility needs of the organization are being met through best practice. Tim has been working with small to midsized organizations for over 10 years.

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