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Tom Bakewell
Terrie Temkin
Carol Weisman


Do Good and Stay out of Jail: Every Day Ethical Dos and Don’ts

There are many ethical conundrums in nonprofit leadership from dealing with theft to conflict of interest and the list goes on. This webinar features three nonprofit experts traversing the sometimes grey world of what is legally required, what is good organizational management and what is the best way to steward your nonprofit.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize that you are not alone – the issues you face that make you uncomfortable commonly occur throughout the sector.
  • Learn what you should consider before taking actions that could put you and your organization in jeopardy.
  • Leave with some arguments to use when your board has to deal with similar questionable situations or close calls.

We will be looking at scenarios such as the following…

Judgment and Ethics
The board is looking to hire an ED. It has found someone with a lot of experience. However, this individual had absconded with money in a previous position and had gone to jail. The board is leaning toward hiring him. The reasoning: he is the most qualified and has paid his debt to society.

Conflicts of Interest
The CEO is asked to sit on the corporate board of one of his/her director’s companies.

Fraud and Embezzlement
Two organizations have staff with their hands in the till. One is an organization that is in the middle of a capital campaign chaired by prominent banker who hadn't spotted the theft. The other is an employee of 9 months, and it is big bucks. Prosecute? Don’t prosecute? Does the situation matter?

Tax Matters
A CEO who has taken the organization to a whole new level of brand recognition, and is now going on to other opportunities.) The board wants to do something nice for him. They have agreed to pitch in to buy a significant gift, but they want a tax credit for their donation, so they are making the checks out to the organization. They have asked the foundation to purchase the gift.

Course Format

This course is the recording of a live webinar and contains the slides and full audio from the original presentation (including Q & A sessions). Only a reasonably current version of FlashPlayer is needed to run this recording (most computers already have this installed).

About the Presenter(s)

Tom Bakewell
CEO Counsel & Confidante

Tom specializes in advising CEO’s and boards facing challenging situations, during times of transition and especially when it’s not business as usual. His clients include the leaders of public and private companies, and prominent nonprofits.

Terrie Temkin, Ph.D.
Founding Principal - CoreStrategies for Nonprofits, Inc.

Dr. Terrie Temkin is a founding principal of CoreStrategies for Nonprofits, Inc., an international consulting firm that builds organizational infrastructure. She is an award-winning speaker and an engaging group facilitator, who brings close to 40 years of nonprofit management and adult education experience to her work.

About the Moderator

Carol Weisman
President - Board Builders

Carol Weisman is the president of Board Builders. She is an internationally known speaker, author, trainer and consultant who specializes in volunteerism, fund raising and governance. Carol works primarily in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK. She has served on 38 boards and has been president of 8.

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